Pre-Novice proficiency level: Aaron- 11th Grade History

Aaron, an eleventh grade high school history teacher, is busy preparing to begin the year. Before school starts, he speaks with the other eleventh grade teachers who will teach his students in order to introduce himself and to learn how they plan on introducing themselves to students and students’ families.




In action…Demonstrates attempt to respectfully mobilize students’ influencers

In reflection…Accurately explains key strategies for respectfully

mobilizing students’ influencers

Describes in a compelling way why it is important to mobilize students’ influencers

Strand 1: The number of strategies teacher uses to interact with students’ influencers and the extent to which strategies are customized.

Uses a single, formal method to interact with every student's family

Uses multiple methods and occasions to mobilize Students’ key influencers (e.g., parents, guardians, other relatives, coach, pastor, etc.)

Strand 2: The information teacher shares with student influencers, and the extent to which teacher enables student influencers to act on the information.

Provides basic information and respectfully requests help when students are not working hard

Shares knowledge and skills on how the influencers and the teacher can accelerate the students’ progress

Strand 3: The type of positive information teacher provides influencers about students’ academic progress.

Shares positive news of student performance on an absolute scale

Shares positive news of student performance on a relative scale

Strand 4: The extent to which the teacher mobilizes student influencers.

Successfully informs students’ families of basic information

Successfully involves students’ key influencers

For TFA Staff: Guidance for Pre-Novice and Novice Ratings

Analysis: Why did the teacher receive these ratings?

What if Aaron…

Decides not to send home an introductory letter or make an introductory phone call when the year starts? When his evaluator asks him why he chose not to do so Aaron responds, "After talking to my colleagues here, they all said that they don't do anything like that. Besides, most of my students are almost adults; their families probably don't have much of an influence on them anyway at this point. I'm not really planning on interacting at all with students’ parents other than sending report cards home. I'd rather use all my energy to work with the students themselves - they are the ones in the classroom, not their families."

Because of his lack of an attempt to mobilize student influencers, and his expressed devaluing of the need to do so, Aaron would rate PRE-NOVICE for I-6.

After one month of school Aaron tells his colleague that he has no current plans to contact families directly? When the colleague asks why, Aaron replies "I am just feeling so overwhelmed getting everything together to start off strong. It is enough to plan on a day to day basis, let alone find phone numbers to call home or send a letter home with every student. I just don't have the energy to do it right now, but we have a Parent Night coming up so I'll be sure to meet parents there."

Aaron's lack of attempt to mobilize student influencers after one month of school would rate PRE-NOVICE on I-6.